Mercedes-Benz Infotainment


This year’s Super Bowl was a bit of clunker, not only because the New England Patriots won the big game again, but also because of fewer memorable commercials than usual.

Mercedes-Benz was one of the lone bright spots in the night, however, and having a really fun, star-studded commercial amid a field of duds made it stand out all the more. The ad focused on the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class sedan, and it featured stars like PGA champion Rickie Fowler, rap artist Ludacris, and even a couple of iconic Looney Tunes characters.

The gist of the spot is that the male protagonist of the commercial lives in a world in which he can make everything happen according to his command—not unlike all the awesome voice-activated features made possible by the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class vehicles.

The man in the commercial rips up parking tickets, frees a giant orca a la “Free Willy,” and even helps Wile E. Coyote catch the Road Runner, all as a means of showing what is possible with the new Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) system, which combines voice recognition with voice-activated artificial intelligence technology. In other words, just saying, “I’m cold” is enough to initiate a response in the vehicle, which will adjust the temperature to a more comfortable setting. It handles much more than temperatures, though that is a good example of the type of thing it’s capable of doing.

This technology is coming to Mercedes-Benz dealers in Florida like Fields Motorcars, and we invite you stop by sometime to have a closer look at how MBUX works. It truly is a fascinating bit of technology—certainly worthy of a big investment by the automaker to air in front of the largest television audience of the year. Who wouldn’t want to have command of the world at their fingertips?

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