Summer Service Tips from Fields Motorcars

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News flash: it can get pretty hot in the summer here in Florida. Knowing this, it is imperative that those who own luxury cars in this state take the proper precautions to ensure that those automobiles continue to work at their most elite levels, as intended. No matter how great the vehicle, extreme heat can be problematic, and the following maintenance items in the summer can help keep things running as smoothly as possible:

Check Your Coolant

While engines are hot by nature, they can in fact overheat, but cooling systems help ensure this doesn’t happen. Engine coolant is designed to help with this, but over time, that coolant can go bad and/or get used up, which is why Mercedes-Benz dealers in Florida recommend a trip to the service department every 24 months for a top-off. It’s important to note that an entire flush is only needed every 30,000 miles or so.

Check Your Hoses

Just as extreme cold can crack hoses, so too can extreme heat. If any of your rubber components get too hot, they may become damaged. One of our skilled Mercedes-Benz service technicians near Winter Haven, FL can check those to make sure everything looks great (or fix parts that are damaged).

Check Your Battery

Extreme heat is your car battery’s worst enemy, largely because it can cause the evaporation of battery fluid, which leads to more corrosion and ultimately can kill a battery. If your battery is more than a few years old, make sure your service techs check and replace it if necessary before taking it out on the open road.

If Fields Motorcars customers can do each of these things, their Mercedes-Benz vehicles will have a much better chance of surviving the summer in great vehicular health!

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