Mercedes-Benz Running Experimental Safety Vehicle

It is no secret that for the last several years, automakers like Mercedes-Benz have been pushing the bounds of autonomous driving with an eye toward someday developing automobiles that can drive themselves. While the most obvious benefit of this technology would be driver convenience, the most valuable aspect of autonomous vehicles would be increased safety and decreased likelihood of a catastrophic automobile accident.

Lakeland, FL Mercedes-Benz drivers should, then, be happy to hear that their favorite automaker has plans to do a whole lot of test driving with the Mercedes-Benz Experimental Safety Vehicle, a Level 4 autonomous crossover designed to test live-saving tech that would show up in future production models of luxury cars and SUVs.

The same features that allow for autonomous driving also are what keep drivers and passengers so safe, and this model is rife with those types of features. While operating in autonomous mode, the Mercedes-Benz vehicle has sensors and screens on the front of the vehicle to alert other drivers of the car’s intentions.

Inside, while the human is driving, Mercedes-Benz engineers have added visors that emit “daylight-like light” to help keep drivers alert, as this is something that has been proven in studies to work quite well. There even are technologies that connect with a child’s safety seat, alerting the driver if something is calibrated incorrectly with the chair. Furthermore, if the vehicle does get into an accident, the child seats can tighten and side-impact protection gets boosted automatically.

Frankly, there are many more safety features that Mercedes-Benz hopes to test in these vehicles so that future models that find their way to car dealerships in and around Plant City, FL are safe as they possibly can be!

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