New Mercedes-Benz Ad Breaks Gender Barriers

Mercedes-Benz recently put out a two-minute advertisement that is almost certain to raise goosebumps on the arms of anybody who watches it. The spot stars with a few young girls being given a table full of toys from which to choose, and without fail, the girls choose the toys more often associated with girls—dolls, unicorns, etc. Not a one chooses the Matchbox car on the table because, as they say, it’s a “boy toy.”

On the one hand, it’s not especially surprising. But on the other, why do girls feel like they can’t play with cars?

The next step in the video involves a moderator showing the children videos of the 1962 Argentinian Grand Prix, where a woman named Ewy Rosqvist not only competed but ultimately won the entire race by a whopping three hours over the nearest man. After showing the girls the short film, they started questioning whether the tiny Mercedes-Benz Matchbox toy was something they might want to play with.

This type of ad fits perfectly into the zeitgeist, stripping children of long-established gender norms to help convince them that they can be anything. At the same time, small children who change their minds about these luxury cars as children are sure to be more willing purchasers of Mercedes-Benz vehicles somewhere down the road, and that’s obviously a good thing for the brand and for the women of the future who get to fall in love with autos in a way they may never have in prior generations.

Well, Rosqvist certainly did, but she was ahead of our time. This commercial suggests the rest of us will catch up—our sons as well as our daughters. To learn more, get in touch with our Mercedes-Benz dealers today!

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