Mercedes-Benz Introduces All-Electric Minivan

The modern minivan is nothing like it used to be. Once the outcast of the automotive industry, aesthetic and performance changes in the segment over the last few years have completely revitalized one of the most practical family autos in existence. At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz debuted a new minivan concept they are calling the Concept MPV, and it could be the sort of thing that further pushes these vehicles back toward credibility.

The most notable feature in the Concept MPV is its all-electric drivetrain, making it a zero-emissions vehicle with room to seat eight passengers comfortably. And, unlike some current EV models that boast only enough range for the commute to and from work each day, this model is slated to get up to 249 miles of range on a single charge, meaning this minivan can do a lot more than just drop the kids off at school each day.

Should this vehicle find its way to our Mercedes-Benz car dealership here in the United States, it would be the first minivan of its kind. There currently are no EV minivans available for purchase here at Lakeland, FL, but this one would change that.

Frankly, we have a feeling that Fields Motorcars customers would love the opportunity to purchase the greenest minivan in existence—especially knowing how much luxury it is sure to pack—and there’s a real possibility this even brings new customers to the Mercedes-Benz brand. While crossovers and SUVs are the family vehicle of choice right now, a luxury EV minivan could change the game as far as that is concerned, and this Mercedes-Benz dealership, for one, is excited about the possibilities that presents.

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