Tires for Sale at Fields Motorcars near Plant City, FL

700 × 428?
No vehicle can roll around on the same set of tires forever. Like taxes, the eventual purchase of replacement tires is inevitable, but unlike taxes, the process of handling this inevitability can be pretty painless. Here at Fields Motorcars, our service department in Lakeland, FL can assist drivers in finding the best replacement tires at reasonable costs, but it never hurts anything for a customer to better understand how the whole process works.

The first thing worth considering is whether the old tires are worn out to the point of requiring replacement. Service teams at car dealerships in and around Plant City, FL can do this for you, but if you want to check yourself, get a penny and place it Lincoln-head down in one of the grooves. If the tread covers any part of Lincoln’s head, you’re likely still okay. If the tread doesn’t reach his head, it’s probably time to replace the tires.

In terms of which tires to get, one approach is just to buy new versions of the tires you’ve already got. If you were happy with them before, chances are good you’ll be happy with them again. However, here in Florida, some seasons are wetter than others, so speak with one of our Mercedes-Benz service techs near Plant City, FL to make sure you’ve got the right tires for the right season.

As far as cost is concerned, it’s really going to depend on the tire. We can walk you through options to help you decide with tire is the best balance between performance and budget, but rest assured, our service team will make sure you’ve got safe, dependable tires on your vehicle at all times, whether that means inspecting and approving the tires already on your car, or recommending a replacement when that time inevitably comes.

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