Brake Service for Your Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Lakeland, FL

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Is your vehicle having brake problems? At Fields Motorcars, our team of automotive experts can help you spot some of the most common indicators of brake problems in your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. To help you identify these problems easily, we put together a short list of some clear indicators that your Mercedes-Benz E-Class is experiencing brake issues.  


Do you notice your steering wheel vibrating when you use your brakes? If you do, then this might indicate an issue with your rotors. When you press down on the brakes in your Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the brake pads put pressure on the rotors. As this happens, your rotors get more uneven, which could seriously affect your vehicle performance. 


Does your car tend to drift or pull to one side when you brake? This pulling might be a sign that your brake system is off balance. The lack of balance could be caused by a variety of issues like collapsed brake hoses or even your suspension.  


Have you started to notice a difference in resistance when you brake? This might actually be a sign of low brake fluid. Your brake fluid determines the responsiveness of your brakes when slowing and stopping, so low brake fluid could make it difficult to brake when necessary. 


Is your brake light on? This might seem obvious to most, but your brake light is the best indicator of brake issues in your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. If you notice this is on, be sure to head down to our Mercedes-Benz service center right away to resolve the problem. 


Get Your Brakes Serviced Today 


If you notice any of the above signs when driving your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, then it’s time for you to get your brakes serviced at our Mercedes-Benz service center near Lakeland, FLVisit us today to learn more! 

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