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There’s no denying the appeal of a new, fresh-from-the-factory car. Just the new-car smell alone is pretty intoxicating in and of itself. However, this doesn’t mean these cars are the only option when it comes to buying a quality vehicle. In fact, going with a pre-owned car may be your wisest decision.  

Why Buy a Pre-Owned Car?  

If you’re keen on a luxury model like one of our Mercedes-Benz cars, you already know that it will be a pretty big expense. This is the main reason to consider a non-new model.

pre-owned Mercedes-Benz – even a relatively new one – will be substantially less expensive than a new model. Because new cars depreciate quickly, a pre-owned vehicle helps you get more bang for your buck. Plus, because the sticker price is lower, your down payment and monthly payments will also be lower.  

What About Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles? 

In addition to pre-owned vehicles, you will also find another kind of pre-owned car for sale at Fields Motorcars: certified pre-owned (CPO) models.

In order to qualify as a CPO, these vehicles have to pass a rigorous 164-point inspection that takes a look at all components both inside and out. They also come with a warranty that runs for one year as well as the remainder of the original four-year/50,000-mile new vehicle warranty. When that year is up, you’ll have the option to continue it for one or two more years. You will also get emergency roadside assistance for your CPO vehicle for the duration of the warranty.  

Come down to our Lakeland dealership to check out all of our pre-owned Mercedes-Benz SUVs, sedans, and coupes. You can also schedule a test drive and a vehicle will be dropped off and picked up at your home.  

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