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Leasing to Own

You have two main financing options to pick from when it comes to your next Mercedes-Benz vehicle: leasing and buying. Depending on your financial needs and driving style, there are benefits to both methods. That’s why it’s a good idea to do your research and speak with our expert financing team so you can find the perfect vehicle at the perfect price.

You may also want to look into our lease-to-own options, which serve as a middle ground between leasing and buying. Typically, vehicles are returned at the end of a lease term. However, when you lease to own, you will lease your vehicle and make payments on it. During that time, the vehicle will still belong to the dealership, but once all of your payments have been made, you will own the car.

Leasing to own has several benefits, like a lower down payment and lower monthly payments, personalized payment plans, and purchasing conveniences. If you decide you really love your leased vehicle, this can be a great way to make it yours.

Fields Motorcars is the dealership you can rely on for Mercedes-Benz purchasing and leasing. Learn more about Mercedes-Benz financing and find the perfect Mercedes-Benz vehicle to lease here at Fields Motorcars. Take your first test drive in today!

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